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18 August 2014

Ferguson: National Guard moves in

Posted in U.S. & World News

Ferguson, Mo. -- (NBC News)  Another explosive night of violence and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri has prompted the state's governor to send in the national guard. The arrival of the National Guard ...

14 August 2014

Tensions rise in Ferguson

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Ferguson, Mo. --- (NBC News)  Violence erupted in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri for a fourth straight night Wednesday when police fired tear gas and smoke bombs at hundreds of demonstrators who ...

12 March 2014

ACLU filing class action lawsuit for Secret Service actions during Bush campaign in 2004

Posted in Local, Politics

Ashland, Ore. -- The ACLU visited Southern Oregon University to talk about a local free speech class action lawsuit that's headed to the Supreme Court. Back in 2004 when President George W. Bush vi ...

28 February 2014

Ukraine unrest

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Ukraine (NBC News) -- Today we could see Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich for the first time since he fled the country. He's expected to hold a news conference in Russia. And there's concern Ru ...

19 February 2014

Obama condemns Kiev violence

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(NBC News)  President Obama has warned the government of Ukraine to stop killing peaceful protesters. The day after 25 people died as police clashed with protesters in Kiev, Mr. Obama warned of wha ...