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13 July 2015

Kid confronts cyberbullies, earns White House invite

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Wash. --- (CNN) Eleven-year-old Logan Fairbanks has scored himself an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by standing up to his Internet bullies in a very public way. In a video posted this week ...

10 February 2015

Mueller's death confirmed

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(NBC News)  The family of an American aid worker held captive by the Islamist terror group ISIS said Tuesday that they have received confirmation that she is dead.Kayla Mueller's family released a ...

23 December 2014

North Korea internet outage

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(NBC News) Major Websites in North Korea are back online this morning after a massive internet outage there.The timing of that outage is raising questions about whether the U.S. is behind it.The Oba ...

24 November 2014

Chuck Hagel resigns as Defense Secretary

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Wash. --- (NBC News) Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is stepping down.Hagel's resignation was announced Monday during a brief appearance with President Obama."When its mattered most, behind closed ...

08 April 2014

President Obama takes action on equal pay

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Wash. D.C. --- President Obama will take executive action regarding equal pay for female Federal workers; the President will sign two executive orders at a White House event.The first bars Federal c ...

24 March 2014

Obamacare deadline near

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Wash. D.C. -- (NBC News) Five million people have now signed up for health insurance on the state and federal online exchanges, the Obama administration said Monday. That's a number that suggests a ...

24 February 2014

Governors get together

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(NBC News) -- The Nation's Governors are at the White House again today. They had dinner with President Obama last night as part of their winter conference.  Today, it's back to the White House whe ...