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07 July 2015

Lawmakers pass bill that allows women access to birth control without prescription

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Salem, Ore. -- Starting next year, women can skip the health clinic and head straight to the pharmacy for birth control.  Governor Kate Brown signed the bill into law on Monday, giving women easie ...

02 June 2015

Oregon House passes bill to allow women access to full year of birth control

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Ore. --- The Oregon State Senate unanimously passed a bill to make Oregon the first state in the country to ensure women have access to a full year of oral contraceptives.   That means health insu ...

30 September 2014

What's the best birth control for teens? Hint: it's not the pill

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(NBC News) The best birth control to offer teenage girls is an implantable rod, followed by an IUD, pediatricians say in new guidance. It may seem odd to think of a pediatrician prescribing birth co ...

01 July 2014

Supreme Court birth control ruling could have limited ramifications in Oregon

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(Oregon Public Broadcasting) The U.S. Supreme Court ruling that some businesses can opt out of providing some birth control coverage for religious reasons could have wide ramifications for Oregon. ...