28 September 2014

Monica Wehby skips Willamette Week interview

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Portland, Ore. --  For the second time in three days U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby has passed on a chance to go head to head with Senator Jeff Merkley. On Saturday Dr. Wehby didn't show up ...

26 September 2014

Kitzhaber and Richardson face off for gubernatorial debate

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics, Regional

Sunriver, Ore. -- Going head-to-head for the second time, Governor John Kitzhaber and Oregon Representative Dennis Richardson participated in a debate today hosted by the Oregon Association of Broad ...

25 September 2014

Marlene Nuckols running for Medford City Council

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Medford, Ore. -- The owner of a Medford store that battled with the city over medical marijuana is now in the running for Medford City Council. Marlene Nuckols, owner of Mary Jane's Attic, is expec ...

23 September 2014

National Voter Registration Day

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Ore. --- If you haven't registered to vote for the up-coming election, then now is the perfect time to do it. Today is National Voter Registration Day and it's being celebrated across the country by ...

10 September 2014

President Obama: Plan on ISIS

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President Barack Obama is scheduled to address the nation live.NBC5 will carry the address in its entirety as the President makes his case for a U.S. plan to deal with ISIS.Just as Mr. Obama pulled ...

01 September 2014

Obama on ISIS: "We don't have a strategy yet"

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Washington D.C. -- (NBC News) With pressure mounting to deal with ISIS in Syria and Russia in Ukraine, President Obama says the United States isn't ready yet. "I don't want to put the cart before t ...

26 August 2014

Obama pledges better care for Vets

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(NBC News)  President Obama unveiled a batch of executive orders Tuesday aimed at correcting what he calls "outrageous and inexcusable" behavior at the Veterans Administration.He did so before one ...

22 August 2014

State sues Oracle over failed 'Cover Oregon' website

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Salem, Ore. -- On Friday a lawsuit was was filed by the state of Oregon against the technology company that was responsible for creating the troubled 'Cover Oregon' website. The state is suing Ora ...

21 July 2014

Putin under pressure

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(NBC News)  Four days after Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, President Obama singled out Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday for impeding the investigation and demanded ...

20 July 2014

Former Governor Vic Atiyeh passes away

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Portland, Ore. -- Former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh has died. The former governor died at 8:15 p.m. Sunday at Portland's Providence St. Vincent Medical Center from complications from renal failure. ...