27 September 2013

Governor Kitzhaber Signs Jenna's Law

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Jenna’s Law was signed by Governor John Kitzhaber on September 16 in a ceremony at the Capitol in Salem. Nine members of Jenna Sneva’s family were present with the young woman, who started a cam ...

26 September 2013

Affordable Care Act Basics - Part 1

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It's been a political hot button. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is set to kick in on January 1st. Enrollment begins in just days, on October 1st. There's good reason people file ...

26 September 2013

It Is Welcome Week At SOU

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It's the week of welcome at Southern Oregon University, as new students move in today. The orientation week and move-in process will begin this morning, followed by a family reception, and a bbq. Th ...

25 September 2013

$100 Bills Flying Off Store Shelves

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Salem resident Ashley Beebehiser was shocked to find a $100 bill in a carton of eggs when she was grocery shopping at the South Salem Fred Meyer about three weeks ago. When she first saw the bill, s ...

18 September 2013

Uncertain Health Care Climate

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Regional

Big changes in health care are on the way and even big companies with hundreds of thousands of employees are trying to adjust.On Wednesday Walgreens announced a new way of providing health insurance ...

18 September 2013

Oregon Minimum Wage To Increase

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Oregon's minimum wage is going up! Workers will see a fifteen cent jump to $9.15, on the first of the year. The increase is adjusted for inflation. The labor department estimates nearly 100,000 Or ...

17 September 2013

FBI Releases Oregon Violent Crime Report

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The FBI has released their crime stats for Oregon and Washington. According to the report, from 2011 to 2012 the number of violent crime cases *increased* in Medford, Central Point and Ashland. In ...

17 September 2013

Flags To Fly At Half Staff Through Friday

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Governor Kitzhaber has ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff, following the D.C. shooting rampage. The governor did release a statement yesterday... he says, quote: "While there's much we don ...

14 September 2013

Nuclear disaster still complicates sister cities’ relationship

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After more than a decade, the high school student exchange program between Pendleton and its Japanese sister city is on the edge of ending. But parties on both sides of the Pacific Ocean are talking ...

13 September 2013

California's Minimum Wage

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Regional, Local

Californians just trying to get by might be getting some extra help. "I think its great im a single mother I could use the extra money." Thursday California lawmakers voted for a bill that would inc ...