Is The Economy On The Rebound?

, Posted: Sat, March 24 2012 at 10:48 PM, Updated: Sat, March 24 2012 at 11:21 PM

A new report says the economy could be improving in a meaningful way..

According to the conference board which indexes all economic is positive. Here at home the view is divided.

Bill Thorndike and Alice Lema are both cautiously optimistic about the economy.

Thorndike says, "We feel a lot more confident then we did while we were in the depths of the great recession."

They work at two different companies that rely heavily on the U.S. market. One is a realtor, the other a business owner.

Bill Thorndike of Medford Fabrication, used to work for the Portland Federal Reserve.

Thorndike continues, "I think we're pointed in the right direction."

New statistics show income and sales averages are looking better.


Alice Lema tells us, "Things are definitely up, here at John L. Scott, we're selling a lot of houses, to a lot of people."

She says that pending home sales are up...but houses go for less."Houses are moving, but prices are still kind of soft."

And some are still feeling the pinch. Kelly Croker of Central Point says, "We definitely don't spend like we used to, we're a lot more cautious about what we spend. "

It's a touch and go situation.

"The basic ingredients for our recovery are there, but the caveat is that something could shock us and could have an unattended effect on a weak economy," Thorndike remarks.

Leaving Thorndike and Lema hoping, along with the rest of us, that the numbers keep climbing.

Now Lema and Thordike both agree that a lot of the local upturn will depend on creating more jobs.

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