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23 June 2014

Caught on Camera: Great white shark rips bait from boat

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Avalon, N.J. -- A great white shark was spotted this weekend off the coast of southern New Jersey. Fishermen on a 35-foot boat had their cameras rolling as the shark circled the vessel several times ...

27 May 2014

RAW VIDEO: Dash cam footage of Cave Junction fire

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Check out the raw dash cam video of the Takilma Road fire in Cave Junction on May 26th, 2014. (Approximately 35 min.) Video provided by the Illinois Valley Fire District. More details: http://on.k ...

14 May 2014

Bounce house blows away

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South Glens Falls, N.Y. -- (WNYT) Two young boys were injured after a "bouncy house" was swept away by a gust of wind Monday afternoon in South Glens Falls, New York.Three children were inside the p ...

08 May 2014

Caught on cam: tornado destruction

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Tupelo, Miss. --- (NBC News) A Northern Mississippi church has released a video documenting the destruction caused by a massively violent tornado that struck their community in late April."It really ...

22 April 2014

Caught on Cam: Postal worker toss on tape

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Scott County, Ky. -- (WLEX) Jill and Tarry Smith of Scott County, Kentucky installed video cameras at their home, not knowing they'd catch this: a US Postal worker throwing packages onto their drive ...

27 February 2014

Caught on Camera: Bus driver assault

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Olympia, Wash. -- (KING) A 24-year-old man is behind bars for felony assault, after a brutal beating of a bus driver was captured on bus surveillance cameras. The surveillance video starts with the ...

25 February 2014

Caught on Cam: Thieves stealing from construction site caught on camera

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Medford, Ore. -- Police investigating graffiti catch two suspects on camera, but they weren't tagging anything. Medford Police have cameras in the One West Main parking structure in downtown Medfor ...

21 February 2014

Caught On Cam: Beer smash & grab

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Houston, Texas -- (KPRC) Police in Houston, Texas are searching for two men who used a stolen car to smash their way into a Valero convenience store. Just after 2:30 a.m. Tuesday a beige Chrysler s ...

12 February 2014

Caught on Cam: Dramatic takedown of a California suspect

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Sacramento, Cali. -- (CNN, KMAX; KOVR) A police take-down in Sacramento, California would make any NFL football player proud. It all started when a 19-year-old man allegedly committed a crime at a ...

10 February 2014

Caught on cam: Sprague River shooting

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Sprague River, Ore. -- A Sprague River man was arrested last week on charges of attempted murder...and the man he's accused of trying to kill caught the shooting on tape. Clint Bimemiller says he wa ...