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03 April 2015

Doctors say drinking too much iced tea led to an Arkansas man's kidney failure

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Ark. -- A curious case of kidney failure in a man in Arkansas has doctors declaring there is such a thing as too much iced tea. Doctors didn't have a clue why the unidentified 56-year-old man would ...

20 March 2014

Death row donation

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Newberg, Ore. -- (KGW)  Kevin Gray has said he has no intention of accepting a kidney donation from convicted killer Christian Longo. Longo was convicted in 2003 of killing his wife and three child ...

18 March 2014

Panhandling for a kidney

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Newberg, Ore. -- (KGW)  You see it all the time, people standing on street corners, holding up signs. Some are advertisements while others ask drivers for money. Kevin Gray of Newberg, Oregon is a ...