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10 June 2015

Medford billboard prompting conversation about marijuana

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Medford, Ore. -- A billboard in Medford is getting a lot of attention. The billboard is located at South Central Avenue and Bank Street. It's an advertisement promoting Pharm To Table, a medical ma ...

19 May 2015

Oregon marijuana committee sets new restrictions for medical marijuana

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Salem, Ore. -- An Oregon Senate special committee has passed new restrictions on medical marijuana. The Senate Special Committee on implementing Measure 91 passed a proposed retail sales tax for ma ...

12 March 2015

Research shows marijuana may affect long term memory

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New research finds heavy marijuana use during adolescence may affect long term memory in adulthood.  The study included young adults who had not smoked marijuana in at least two years. Brain images ...

10 March 2015

MMJ dispensary owner reacts to passing of tax measure

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Local

Phoenix, Ore.-- Brie Malarkey owns Breeze Botanicals in Gold Hill and Ashland and she said measure 15-133 is just going to make it financially stressful for her business and customers. Malarkey said ...

27 February 2015

Jackson County Planning Department proposes marijuana dispensary buffers

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Medford, Ore. --- Don’t expect to find marijuana dispensaries anywhere near each other in Jackson County.The Jackson County Planning Department recommended a 2,500 foot buffer on neighboring dispe ...

04 February 2015

Marijuana vending machine opens in Seattle

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Seattle, Wash. -- Washington state residents can now buy marijuana the same way you buy a candy bar, from a vending machine. The Zazzz Marijuana Machine opened Tuesday in Seattle. The company that m ...

17 December 2014

Teenage marijuana use declines, according to survey

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Teenage marijuana use is on the decline.  That’s the word tonight from the National Institute on Drug Abuse; as many as 50,000 students were surveyed across the country.Teens say marijuana is les ...

18 November 2014

Man arrested after bringing drugs to court hearing

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(Updated 11/18 2:04pm) Medford, Ore. --- Medford police arrest a man they say carried drugs into a court appearance.They say 29-year old Christopher Alvarez appeared in Jackson County Circuit court ...

21 October 2014

Seattle man arrested for possession of 52 pounds of marijuana

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Clackamas, Ore. --- A Seattle man is behind bars after an OSP Trooper says he found about 52 pounds of marijuana inside his vehicle.Authorities say 38 year old Santichith La Hochingnavong was headin ...

17 October 2014

Ruling: Local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries

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Cave Junction, Ore. --- A win for Southern Oregon cities and counties opposing the new state law allowing medical marijuana dispensaries.The City of Cave Junction challenged the state in Josephine c ...