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24 June 2015

Syringes being found at local parks raises concern

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Ore. --- Reports of syringes being found at local parks, near kids, is raising concerns.In a public post on Facebook, one person uploaded these photos of syringes that she says she found at a park i ...

22 June 2015

Medford Police investigating two gang related fights

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Medford, Ore. -- (Press Release) On June 20th, 2015 at 12:18 a.m. Medford Police officers were dispatched to a report of a fight on Plum Street, near Prune Street. Upon arrival, officers found two m ...

19 June 2015

Medford Police reminding you to keep garage doors shut at night

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Medford, Ore. --- Due to recent thefts, Medford Police want to remind you to make sure and close your garage doors at night.Friday morning, a thief entered an open garage, steeling a weedeater and s ...

17 June 2015

MPD searching for bike thief

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Medford, Ore. --- Medford Police need your help identifying and finding this bike thief. They say he stole that fluorescent green bike from Central Medford High School yesterday. If you recognize hi ...

16 June 2015

Gang member arrested after hiding from cops in Food 4 Less

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Medford, Ore. --- A known gang member is in jail tonight after he hid from officers in Food 4 Less. Medford Police arrested 30-year-old Marcus Dudley Jackson on charges related to last week's incide ...

12 June 2015

MPD: Number of mental health holds up by nearly17%

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Medford, Ore. --- Medford Police say mental health holds are up almost 17% so far this year.That’s compared with last year, when police took nearly 490 people taken into custody on a mental health ...

09 June 2015

Family displaced after elderly woman crashes car into house

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Medford, Ore. -- A west Medford family is looking for a temporary home after an elderly woman crashed her SUV into their house. Medford Police say the woman confused the gas pedal for the brake ped ...

09 June 2015

Dog and owner reunited by Medford Police

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Medford, Ore. --- A dog and her owner are back together after Medford Police brought the dog in. MPD says the dog, Lulu was probably frightened by the lightening on Monday evening when she walked in ...

08 June 2015

Medford Police remind public of hot car dangers

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Medford, Ore. --- With temperatures rising, Medford Police want to remind you that leaving a dog or a child in a parked car could land you in jail. Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau said if you ...

04 June 2015

Medford police searching for burglar who left behind crucial evidence

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Medford, Ore. --- Medford police tonight, June 4th, are searching for a burglar they say left behind crucial evidence at a crime scene.Police responded to a security alarm at "Shoes Right Here" on t ...