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26 February 2014

Skateboard attacker refuses to apologize

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Portland, Ore. (KGW) -- The teenager arrested for attacking a 70-year-old man with a skateboard outside the Portland Outdoor Store last summer was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison. Daniel D ...

19 February 2014

Google Fiber may speed up Portland's web access

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Portland, Ore. -- (OPB) Internet service in Portland could be 100 times faster next year. Google announced Wednesday that Portland is one of nine metro areas on the short list for its super-high spe ...

19 February 2014

Portland teen tortured

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Portland, Ore. -- (KGW) Kelli Murrain just can't put her head around what Portland, Oregon police said four teens did to her 16-year-old son Dustyn."It was cruel. It was evil. They planned it all ou ...

18 February 2014

What they want: Portland teachers vs. School District

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Portland, Ore. -- (OPB) Oregon Public Broadcasting asked leaders at Portland Public Schools and the Portland Association of Teachers to elaborate on key sticking points in their ongoing contract neg ...

07 February 2014

Portland school leaders outline plans in case of strike

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Portland, Ore. -- (OPB) Portland school leaders announced initial plans Friday for how they would run schools, if teachers strike on Feb. 20. District officials say they're focused on reaching a de ...