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04 March 2015

Local burger joints make Best Burgers in Oregon list

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Medford, Ore. --- Here’s something that will make you hungry.A pair of southern Oregon burger restaurants made a list for best burgers in Oregon, outside of Portland.This first pictu ...

03 March 2015

Family of Portland man killed in blender files lawsuit against meat plant

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Portland, Ore. --- The family of a man killed in Portland while cleaning an industrial size blender has filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit.41-year-old Hugo Avalos-Chanon died at this interstate meat distrib ...

03 March 2015

Emergency dispatchers test out treadmills, on the job

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Portland, Ore. --- Emergency dispatchers in Washington County, outside of Portland, are testing treadmills, while on the job, at their 911 call center. It began six months ago on a voluntary-basis. ...

03 March 2015

Stacey Addision returns home

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Portland, Ore. --- There’s word that Portland veterinarian Stacey Addison has started her journey back home.Addison had been detained in east Timor since last September. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkle ...

26 February 2015

Three Portland teachers on unknown paid leave

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Portland, Ore. --- Three Portland Public School teachers are on paid leave, and the school system isn't saying why, but students are talking, and they say it centers around a tradition that some say ...

19 February 2015

Trail Blazers star Jerome Kersey died from blood clot

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Portland, Ore. --- Portland Trail Blazers fans are mourning the sudden passing of Jerome Kersey Wednesday, February 18th.Kersey, a fan favorite with the Blazers during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, p ...

17 February 2015

Scorpion in the sky?

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Los Angeles, Calif. --- (KGW)  A Portland-bound Alaska Airlines flight out of Los Angeles was delayed Saturday night after a passenger was stung on the hand by a scorpion and crew members had to se ...

27 January 2015

Turning sewer water into beer?

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Ore. --- (KGW)  Oregon is known for specialty beers, but what about a beer made with sewer water?It's what some local home-brewers will be doing this summer.Jeremie Landers will be one of them. He' ...

26 January 2015

12-year-old stabbed in Portland Fred Meyer parking lot

Portland, Ore. --- A 12-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest outside a Northeast Portland Fred Meyer store Sunday afternoon.Police say the boy was taken to a hospital with a serious slashing wound ...

22 January 2015

Southwest Airlines donates leather seats to Looptworks

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Portland, Ore. --- Southwest Airlines wanted to lighten its load, so it took its leather seat covers and turned them over to a company in Portland, Oregon.Airplanes carry a lot of people, to a lot o ...