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07 July 2015

CDC report: Heroin use and addiction increasing in U.S.

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Medford, Ore. -- Police say the use of heroin has risen dramatically over the past five years and a report released by the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday confirms the trend. The CDC's report ...

21 May 2015

"Red Nose Day" arrives!

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(NBC)  Folks in the United States might still be getting used to the red noses, but "Red Nose Day" is a 30 year television tradition in the United Kingdom, an annual comedy and music event that's r ...

12 May 2015

Poll: Christianity is on the decline in the United States

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Christianity looks like it's on the decline in the United States.According to a recent Pew Research Center Poll, fewer Americans are identifying themselves as Christian, while more people are decidi ...

23 April 2015

Wrong teen seized in custody battle

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Mexico --- (KPRC)  A 14-year-old Mexican girl who was taken by authorities and sent screaming to live in the United States was returned home Wednesday after DNA tests showed she is not the daughter ...

22 April 2015

Feds recall 900K Trek bikes after rider paralyzed

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(KGW) Almost one million Trek bikes are being recalled in the United States and Canada after a crash that left one rider paralyzed. Included in the recall are 900,000 bikes in the U.S., and 98,000 s ...

08 April 2015

New survey ranks Ashand as one of the most expensive college towns

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Ashland, Ore. -- A new survey has listed Ashland as one of the most expensive college towns in the United States. The list compiled by, ranks Ashland as the eighth most expensive. ...

25 March 2015

Studies find that children on foot are more likely to get hit in spring-time

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A new study finds that children on foot are most likely to be hit by cars in spring-time. Researchers found afternoon and evening hours are most dangerous and injuries are most likely when kids are ...

17 March 2015

Kraft recalls 242,000 cases of mac and cheese

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New York -- (KGW) Kraft Foods is recalling 242,000 cases of original flavor Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because some of the boxes contain small pieces of metal. The boxes have "best when used by" da ...

16 March 2015

Speculation over U.S. Attorney for Oregon's leave of absence

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Ore. -- (KGW) There’s speculation tonight, March 16th, about why the U.S. Attorney for Oregon has taken a leave of absence.The U.S. Attorney's Office was able to confirm that Amanda Marshall, the ...

13 March 2015

American millennials not measuring up to standard

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A new report suggests that American millennials have more to learn before they're ready to run the world. A study conducted by Princeton-based educational testing service found that young people in ...