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24 September 2014

Roseburg experiencing citywide power outage

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Roseburg, Ore. -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says there is a city wide power outage in Roseburg. Traffic lights are not operational so please use caution in traveling and they are asking yo ...

23 May 2014

E. coli found in reservoir, Portland issues largest boil water alert ever

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Portland, Ore. -- (KGW) The Portland Water Bureau issued a 'boil water alert' Friday morning for the entire water district after the city detected E. coli in water samples. At a press conference at ...

20 May 2014

Hundreds of Portland homeowners forced to pay for sidewalk repairs

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Portland, Ore. -- (KGW) Northeast Portland's Irvington Neighborhood looks like a work zone. Up and down the streets, construction crews are busy fixing patches of sidewalk. "It didn't seem like the ...