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12 February 2015

Congress sends Obama pipeline bill

Posted in U.S. & World News

Wash. D.C. -- President Obama could be preparing to use his veto powers for the first time against the new Republican-led Congress.   Wednesday night the House passed a final version of a bill, aut ...

18 June 2014

State officials take down illegal dams

Posted in Local

Butte Falls, Ore. -- A man convicted of stealing water by building illegal dams watches as state officials render them useless. Crews from the State Water Resources Office, with court order in hand, ...

26 March 2014

Washington mudslide rescue

Posted in Regional

Oso, Wash. -- (KING) Video released Tuesday shows the dramatic moment a helicopter rescue team rescues a four year old boy from the devastating mudslides in Washington State. Shortly after the disas ...