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10 October 2012

Columbus Day Storm

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This Friday marks the 50 year anniversary of the infamous Columbus Day storm...that whipped it's way from California, through Oregon and into Washington.  The typhoon hit the Southern Oregon Coast ...

09 October 2012

Levi Whitney on Mission to Uganda

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 It's just a small Vietnamese food stand in Grants Pass, but it's trying to make a global impact.  A second worker from Saigon Xich Lo is headed on a missionary work and once again the owners of S ...

04 October 2012

Grants Pass Salvation Army Piano

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We have the new place to go, if you want to hear  some amazing piano music. It's not a music hall, or new piano bar.   We're talking about the Grants Pass Salvation Army.   NBC Five's Joe Camar ...

01 October 2012

Daron Dawson Grants Pass Hero

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A hero is honored in Grants Pass. On August 24th 2012 Daron Dawson went into a burning home to rescue an 89 year old Martha he was honored by the Grants Pass Department of Public ...

26 September 2012

Crater Lake Wagon Trail

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It's one of America's top natural wonders, but visitors to Crater Lake, rarely learn just how the lake became a top tourist spot.  An old wagon road served as the only route from the Rogue Valley t ...

18 September 2012

Tom Van Voorhees Certified Cheese Professional

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Rogue Creamery in Central Point has it's world famous blue cheeses, but now it also has a certified cheese expert as well. shop manager Tom Van Vorhees had to pass a first of it's kind test, given b ...

17 September 2012

Boulton and Son Butcher Shop

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 You hear the term "farm to fork"  a lot around this valley, but how do you accomplish that fresh flavor...if you're not living on a farm?  One local butcher is trying to help you get the freshes ...

04 September 2012

Rich Gulch

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 If it weren't for gold...Southern Oregon might look very different than it does today.  The first big Oregon gold strike was made just outside of Jacksonville and a push is on, to make that site, ...

28 August 2012

Mckee Bridge

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Some good news for a Southern Oregon landmark in need of repairs.The Mckee Bridge Historical Society, helped the county secure a federal grant, to pay for a major portion of the half a million dolla ...

17 August 2012

Burning Man Sculpture

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The Burning Man Festival is a celebration of art and culture, that takes places each august in the Northern Nevada desert.  Every year, a few artists are chosen to create projects for the 6 days fe ...