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26 March 2013

World Series Trophy in Medford

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San Francisco Giants fans who live in Oregon, had their dream opportunity today.  The two World Series trophies from 2010 and 2012 made their way into Medford, OR for a special photo opportunity.

22 March 2013

Alex Pecktol World Record Weightlifter

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Alex Pecktol is one of the best weightlifters in the world, breaking a world record in the dead lift at...325lbs.  You probably hear the name Alex and the word weightlifting and then assume we're t ...

15 March 2013

The Metaphysics of Notation

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       Art and music have always been closely linked, but a new exhibit at the Schneider Museum of Art, blends the two mediums together like never before. The museum, which is on the campus of ...

14 March 2013

Oregon Cheese Festival

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 Are you a cheese lover?  Than this Saturday in Central Point it will be your dream world.  Artisan cheese makers from across the state will take over the field just outside the Rogue Creamery fo ...

12 March 2013

Jen Bray Climb Against the Odds

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Iit's called climb against the odds. About 30 people will climb Mount Shasta in June to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. The Breast Cancer Fund aims it's effort's at eliminating toxins, that ...

08 March 2013

Bridge Tournament

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Some of the best bridge players in the west coast are in downtown phoenix this weekend, testing their card skills in a sectional tournament.Though this weekend's tournament is not for prizes, nor ad ...

04 March 2013

SOU Winter Concert

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The Southern Oregon University music program is ready to showcase it's young talent. They have produced many national award winners and the next wave of their program will be on display for the wint ...

28 February 2013

Tye Austin Classical Guitarist

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He plays classical guitar like a veteran twice his age...but Southern Oregon University senior Tye Austin, is just beginning his musical career.tonight he will play for a Southern Oregon audience... ...

27 February 2013

Guide Dogs for the Blind

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You see them all around town leading the way for the visually impaired. but the seeing eye dogs are just a small part of the "Guide Dogs For The Blind"  program.

22 February 2013

Softball Accident Costs Woman Her Eye

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  A freak accident at a Medford city league softball game, costs one young woman her eye. Monica Verboomen was hit with a line-drive in her right eye. Now, after weeks of medical attention, she is ...