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28 November 2012

Statue of Providence

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An Eagle Point man wants to create a monument on the West Coast, that compliments the symbolism and beauty of the Statue of Liberty.Jay Jarvie has created a scaled down model of a statue...he calls ...

27 November 2012

Cartoonist Mike Royer

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His work and illustrations strike a cord with many generations of Americans. Oregon born Mike Royer worked in the golden ages of both comics and Walt Disney.  The cartoonist retired back to his hom ...

21 November 2012

Our Heart to Your Soul

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It's the season to hand out hot meals, but there are other needs in the community this time of year.   That's why orthopedic surgeon Richard Owens teamed up with the Medford Gospel br ...

14 November 2012

Fred Stockwell Part 2

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  Fred Stockwell was an Ashland photographer who decided to drop everything and help Burmese refugees living in Thailand garbage dump.    In order to help, he had to pick up and permanently move ...

13 November 2012

Fred Stockwell

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 Fred Stockwell was a professional photographer living a good life in Ashland....that is until one trip to Thailand changed everything. It sent him on a  journey to help refugee's living i ...

08 November 2012

The Jungleers 41st Infantry Division

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The 41st Infantry Division of the United States army gained a lot of nicknames during world war two, including the "Jungleers".  The division was made up of young men from the Northwest, including ...

05 November 2012

On the set of "Redwood Highway"

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It's a first for Southern Oregon. Two movies, both with big name actors, are being filmed right the same time.  One of the movies is called "Redwood Highway" and it's produced and directe ...

29 October 2012

Fall Foliage

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If you have been stuck inside the last few weeks, then it is time to get outdoors, because we are reaching the  peak of the fall colors. You could say Southern Oregon tree's are starting to catch f ...

25 October 2012

Nightmare Chamber

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   It's called the nightmare chamber, haunted house and lair of zombies.the Randall Theatre's haunted house in downtown Medford is back and filled with even more scares.  Joe Camarlinghi takes us ...

23 October 2012

DJ Linderman MMA Fighter

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He's become the pride of Yreka and soon he'll get a chance to fight on national TV.  Mixed martial arts fighter DJ Linderman is currently ranked 21st in the world... and will take on another ranked ...