10 January 2013

Voters Will See GMO Measure In 2014

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A petition filed along with 6700 signatures cleared the elections clerks office Monday. That means voters will have their say on whether or not genetically modified crops should be banned in Jackson ...

07 January 2013

Battle Brewing Over Obama Picks

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Republicans promise tough hearings on nominees for Secretary of Defense and CIA Director. Danielle Leigh reports.

06 January 2013

Senator Ron Wyden Addresses Crowd in Town Hall Meeting

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From the fiscal cliff to the debt ceiling, the drama in Washington may be just beginning. And one man many Oregonian's have their eye's on is senator Ron Wyden. He was in Southern Oregon today to ta ...

05 January 2013

Senator Wyden to Visit Southern Oregon for Town Hall Meetings

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Well if you want to speak your mind about issues in the community, tomorrow may be the perfect opportunity. Senator Ron Wyden will be holding the first of his annual town hall meetings of 2013 tomor ...

04 January 2013

Oregon Elected Officials To Be Sworn Into Office Friday

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On Friday, Governor John Kitzhaber will swear in four new state officials who were elected in November.Secretary of State Kate Brown, State Treasurer Ted Wheeler, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, a ...

03 January 2013

113th Congress To Be Sworn In Thursday

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With the fiscal cliff behind them for now, Congress is moving onto a new fight with a new team. The 113th Congress will be sworn in Thursday afternoon. There are 56 new Democrats, 38 new Republicans ...

27 December 2012

Budget Woes For Curry County

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Officials in Curry County say public safety and county services are on the line if a financial bailout isn't reached. Officials say the county is more than 3 million dollars in debt and the usual ba ...

27 December 2012

Lawmakers Work To Avert The Fiscal Cliff

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President Obama and lawmakers return to Washington, with just five days left to avert the fiscal cliff. All eyes will be on the Senate after House Republicans said it's up to Senate leadership to re ...

08 November 2012

Using Smart Phones To Tax Drivers On Miles Driven

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A new pilot program to use smartphones to tax drivers on the miles they drive is up for discussion. Due to hybrid cars, Oregon's gas tax isn't bringing in the funds like it used to and the Oregon D ...

07 November 2012

More Young Voters Turning Out

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics, Local

According to some experts, close to 17-million more young people were eligible to vote this election season than four years ago. University students NBC 5 spoke with were optimistic about voter turn ...