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23 October 2014

Fort Lauderdale latest city to restrict feeding homeless

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Fort Lauderdale, Fla. --- (NBC News) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, approved restrictions overnight on churches and other charitable organizations that feed the homeless, becoming the latest city to impo ...

23 October 2014

Florida woman sets roommate on fire

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Fla. --- (WFLA)  A Florida woman is in jail after allegedly setting her roommate on fire.Police say Melissa Sellars, 33, doused Carlos Ortiz Jr., 42, with nail polish remover in his Clearwater apar ...

14 October 2014

Flag fines spark protest

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Cape Coral, Fla. --- (WBBH)  A hardware store owner in Cape Coral, Florida has received an outpouring of support after being told to remove several American flags on display outside of his business ...

06 October 2014

Meatless Monday's

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Fla. --- (WFLA)  What's for lunch? In Florida's Sarasota County Schools kids are getting vegetarian dishes every Monday. The district teamed up with local chefs to create a variety of dishes. Kids ...

01 October 2014

80 year old punched at Applebee's for asking man to stop cursing

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Florida -- (NBC Washington) A central Florida man is accused of punching an 80-year-old man who asked him to stop cursing and talking about women's private parts at an Applebee's bar. The Daytona Be ...

24 September 2014

Teen arrested for raping teacher at school

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Fla. --- (NBC News) A South Dade Senior High School student who police say sexually assaulted a teacher at the South Florida school after hours is now facing several charges. Victor Marshall Nash, 1 ...

16 September 2014

Trucker arrested on child sex abuse charges; more victims feared

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Milwaukee, Ore. – (KGW News) A truck driver suspected of abusing several children was arrested in Florida and brought back to Oregon to face charges. Little John Patrick Marcus, 40, was apprehende ...

11 September 2014

Gruesome find: 50 frozen cats

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Suburban Lake Palm Worth, Fla. --- (WPTV)  Sheriff's deputies serving a search warrant at a suburban Lake Worth, Florida home made an unusual discovery Wednesday.After seizing a computer and arrest ...

05 September 2014

"Shame suit" angers parents

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Orange Park, Fla. --- (WTLV)  An Orange Park, Florida mother claims Oakleaf High School forced her daughter to swap her too-short skirt for what she calls a "shame suit." On the third day of school ...

03 September 2014

No ketchup allowed

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Fort Myers, Fla. --- (WBBH)  A popular Fort Myers, Florida restaurant has taken ketchup off the menu.Chef and owner Xavier Duclos says he simply won't allow the condiment in his kitchen or dining r ...