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20 January 2015

Obama expected to urge congress to cut middle class taxes

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Expanding America's economic comeback is the theme of President Obama's State of the Union Tuesday night. He's also expected to talk about the rising income gap and tax hikes and breaks. The White H ...

20 January 2015

State of the Union: Focus on economy

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(NBC News)  Tonight's State of The Union address won't be much of a surprise.  President Obama has been touring the country pitching his ideas to help the middle class, so we already have a pretty ...

19 January 2015

State of the union: what to expect

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(NBC News)  President Obama delivers his State of The Union address this week and it's already drawing criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill.The GOP is now in control of both chambers of Congr ...

30 December 2014

Wedding couple forced to change venue for President Obama's golf game

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Hawaii --- Two army captains who had to move their wedding ceremony so president Obama could play golf at their wedding venue are taking the change in stride.  Natalie Heimel and her husband, Edwar ...

10 December 2014

CIA torture report

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There's more fallout this morning from the release of a Senate report detailing extreme techniques used on terror suspects after 9-11. Many are appalled, but former CIA officials insist it's not tor ...

24 November 2014

Chuck Hagel resigns as Defense Secretary

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Wash. --- (NBC News) Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is stepping down.Hagel's resignation was announced Monday during a brief appearance with President Obama."When its mattered most, behind closed ...

07 November 2014

Obama deploys up to 1,500 more troops to Iraq

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(NBC News) President Barack Obama on Friday authorized the deployment of up to 1,500 more troops to Iraq in an expansion of the American fight against ISIS militants, the Pentagon said. If all 1,500 ...

29 September 2014


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(NBC News) President Obama is blaming bad intelligence for the rise of the terror group ISIS.The President says U.S. officials believed they had defeated terrorists in Iraq only to find that they we ...

25 September 2014

Backlash brews over Obama's coffee cup salute

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President Barack Obama is taking some heat for what some people are saying was a somewhat less-than-respectful salute as he disembarked from Marine One in New York City. As he descended the stairs, ...

23 September 2014

War on ISIS widens

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(NBC News)  The war on ISIS has widened. U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Syria early Tuesday.The first attacks also targeted other jihad groups accused of plotting terrorist attacks against th ...