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21 July 2014

Putin under pressure

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(NBC News)  Four days after Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, President Obama singled out Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday for impeding the investigation and demanded ...

18 July 2014

Ukraine crash

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(NBC News) Today, international investigators are hoping to begin their search for the cause of the crash of a passenger jet in war-torn eastern Ukraine.U.S. intelligence officials say Malaysian Air ...

28 May 2014

Snowden speaks to NBC's Brian Williams

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(NBC News)  Edward Snowden, the man labeled a traitor and fugitive by some and a patriot and hero by others, shares his thoughts for the first time on an American television network tonight in an e ...

03 March 2014

Dangerous escalation

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(NBC News)  President Obama on Monday criticized Russia for moving troops to the Crimea region and said the country is on the "wrong side of history" with its actions in Ukraine. "I think the world ...

28 February 2014

Ukraine unrest

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Ukraine (NBC News) -- Today we could see Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich for the first time since he fled the country. He's expected to hold a news conference in Russia. And there's concern Ru ...