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09 June 2014

Tips for home protection during this fire season

Posted in Local

What's happening in Bend is a good reminder to do what you can to keep your home safe this fire season. Here are some tips: Plant fire resistant plants Remove all dead vegetation from around your ...

02 June 2014

Ashland Fire and Rescue asking residents to take action

Written by Kassi Nelson, Posted in Local

Ashland, Ore. -- Monday kicked off fire season, and Ashland Fire and Rescue Fire Marshal, Margueritte Hickman, said they're as prepared as they can be. But in a town where wildlife and urban living ...

02 June 2014

Fire season could cost you

Written by Jennifer Elliott, Posted in Local

Jackson County, Ore. -- The dry conditions could make this one of the costliest fire seasons in Oregon history. "The forest fuels, vegetation is very dry," comments Brian Ballou, who works at the O ...

01 May 2014

May is "Wildfire Awareness" month

Posted in Local, Regional

Medford, Ore. -- May is "Wildfire Awareness" month and the Oregon Department of Forestry is hoping you'll do your part to prevent fires. There's a lot at stake: in 2013, three firefighters died bat ...