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10 July 2015

21 million American'a affected by government computer hack

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Medford, Ore. -- 21 million Americans have had their personal data compromised after government computers are hacked.Everything from social security numbers, fingerprints and financial history of on ...

12 May 2015

Poll: Christianity is on the decline in the United States

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Christianity looks like it's on the decline in the United States.According to a recent Pew Research Center Poll, fewer Americans are identifying themselves as Christian, while more people are decidi ...

06 January 2015

Deadly drink: Alcohol kills six Americans a day

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(NBC News)  Despite what you might think, college kids on spring break are not the group in the united states most likely to die from alcohol poisoning.  A new report from the Centers for Disease ...

15 October 2014

Voters tuning out politics the closer we get to Election Day

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Ore. --- A new NBC News Wall Street Journal poll shows nationally more Americans are tuning out politics the closer we get to Election Day.High interest in the midterms has dropped from 51% in June ...

01 August 2014

Ebola victims homeward bound

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(NBC News) An intensive effort is underway to evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola from West Africa in order to bring them back to the United States for treatment. It's a global process that w ...

28 July 2014

Two Americans diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia

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Two American health workers have now been stricken with the Ebola Virus while working to contain its spread in Liberia. The news has many asking, what exactly is Ebola? The virus is mostly found in ...

06 June 2014

Pesky Pets

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(The Mayo Clinic) What's keeping you up at night? For many Americans, its their pets. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic for sleep medicine in Phoenix, Arizona studied more than 100 patients. Each patie ...