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17 October 2014

Measure 92 becomes costliest ballot measure in Oregon state history

Posted in Local, Politics

Ore. --- Measure 92 earns the title of costliest ballot measure in Oregon state history, thanks to a last minute donation from Coca-Cola.In previous years the soda giant made large donations to simi ...

07 October 2014

Consumers and GMO testing

Posted in Regional

According to Consumer Reports the vast majority of processed foods that contain corn and soy also have genetically modified ingredients in them.  However, tested foods that were labeled organic or ...

01 October 2014

New report claims GMO labeling will cost you less than a penny a day

Posted in Local

A new report claims that GMO labeling will cost consumers less than one penny per day.The report was commissioned by Consumers Union which is the policy arm of Consumer Reports. The research was con ...

29 September 2014

GMO labeling advertisements

Posted in U.S. & World News

Medford, Ore. -- The television ads for and against GMO labeling Measure 92 hit the airwaves this weekend.In one spot advocates say that 64 other countries have the requirement in place without impa ...

29 September 2014

GMO wheat crops found in Montana

Posted in U.S. & World News

Mont. --- One to three acres of unregulated GMO wheat has now been found in Montana.GMO wheat is not approved for farming in the U.S. and its discovery can seriously harm trade with other countries. ...

09 September 2014

Measure 92: GMO labeling law

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Ashland, Ore. --- November is fast-approaching and proponents of the GMO labeling measure are working hard to convince people to vote yes on Measure 92.A nationally recognized expert on GMO food lab ...

26 August 2014

GMO Labeling

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Ashland, Ore. -- The push for GMO labeling takes center stage in Ashland. Dozens gathered at Ashland’s Bellevue Grange Monday night to talk about measure-92.          They also watched a new ...

24 July 2014

GMO labeling initiative qualifies for Oregon ballot

Posted in Local

Ore. -- It's official: an initiative to require the labeling of genetically modified foods in Oregon has qualified for a statewide vote in November. The Secretary of State's Office said Wednesday th ...

28 May 2014

GMO farmers face uncertain future

Written by Travis Koch

Medford, Ore. -- Some local GMO farmers are uncertain about the livelihood of their crops and land following the passage of Measure 15-119, a GMO ban in Jackson County. Bruce Schulz grows geneticall ...

21 May 2014

Group gathering signatures to label GMO foods in Oregon

Posted in Local, Politics, Health

Medford, Ore. -- The battle against GMO's in Oregon is now moving on to labeling. Using the momentum of the GMO measure here in Jackson County the group "Oregon Right to Know" started gathering sign ...