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04 June 2015

Why brides are flocking to tiny post office in Oregon

Posted in U.S. & World News

Bridal Veil, Ore. -- (NBC News) It’s June and that means wedding season.A lot of planning goes into that perfect day, which brings some couples flocking to an unusually named town in the pacific n ...

17 February 2015

New earthquake warning software launched

Posted in Regional

A new earthquake warning system for the Pacific Northwest launched today, February 17th.Computers in offices across the region now have access to software that sends out an alarm seconds to minutes ...

17 April 2014

Earthquake conference focuses on Southern Oregon

Posted in Local, Regional

Medford, Ore. -- Could the "big one" be coming for Oregon? A big earthquake, the topic of a big discussion Thursday. Dr. Althea Rizzo with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management spoke about how ...