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25 June 2015

Crime updates from Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Medford Police

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Jackson County, Ore. -- Here are crime updates that were posted to local law enforcement Facebook pages on Thursday. Jackson County Sheriff's Office: Someone stole a car early this morning while the ...

09 June 2015

Dog and owner reunited by Medford Police

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Medford, Ore. --- A dog and her owner are back together after Medford Police brought the dog in. MPD says the dog, Lulu was probably frightened by the lightening on Monday evening when she walked in ...

22 May 2015

Denver mother's Facebook shaming goes viral

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Denver, Colo. --- A Denver mother's Facebook rant has gone viral, with millions of views and counting. The mom shamed her 13-year-old daughter for posting racy pictures online and claiming to be 19. ...

15 May 2015

Recent kidnapping case calls attention to dangers of social media

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A recent kidnapping case is a wakeup call to parents, reminding us all the dangers of online relationships and social media.Back in the day it was chat rooms and bulletin boards that were so concern ...

14 May 2015

Drivers get coffee, leave hearse with veteran's flag-draped coffin in parking lot

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New Port Richey, FLa. --- (WFLA) Rob Carpenter did a double-take on his way into his New Port Richey Dunkin' Donuts. But there it was, straddling two parking spots: a hearse, with the front window d ...

13 May 2015

Police: don't chase bears with hatchet while drunk

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Mass. -- The North Adams Police Department in Massachusetts posted on their Facebook page that a man was caught trying to chase a bear through the woods with a dull hatchet, while drunk. // **Ch ...

22 April 2015

Charges considered against Texas veternarian who killed cat

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Bellville, Texas – (KING) The case of a Brenham veterinarian who bragged on Facebook about killing a cat is now in the hands of the Austin County District Attorney. The Austin County Sheriff's Off ...

16 April 2015

Shop refuses openly gay customers

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Grandville, Mich. --- (WOOD)  A Grandville, Michigan repair shop owner who announced on Facebook that he would refuse service to "openly gay" customers now claims he is receiving threats against hi ...

10 April 2015

Caught on cam: shocking slap

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Bakersfield, Calif. --- (KGET)  A Bakersfield, California man has been arrested in connection with a stunning viral video that authorities say appears to show him striking a toddler in the face at ...

08 April 2015

Too much Facebook could lead to depression

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A new study reveals that using Facebook could lead to symptoms of depression. That’s according to the University of Houston researcher Maily Steers.Steers' research found that Facebook users felt ...