10 January 2014

Dog owners barking up a storm about potential ban

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Comments made by the Medford Police Department Thursday sparked outrage across the community. Tyler Woodard is one of many who feels the department is discriminating against the breed. He's had his ...

09 January 2014

Medford City Council Discusses Possible Pit Bull Ban

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Politics, Local

The Medford Police Department came before the city council Thursday asking for more restrictions on "dangerous dogs." But some say dogs are not the problem, it's the owner's who need regulations. Me ...

08 January 2014

Online Petition Aims For Stricter Gun Laws In Ashland

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A petition aims to impose stricter gun laws in the city of Ashland, but it has some worried the proposed restrictions could infringe on their 2nd amendment rights. The group 'Citizens For A Safe Ash ...

06 January 2014

White House Pressing on Long Term Unemployment Benefits

Posted in Politics, Economy

The Obama administration is putting the thumbscrews to Congressional Republicans over long term unemployment extensions. More than 1.3 million Americans who’ve been out of work more than six month ...

06 January 2014

U.S. Senate Back In Session

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On Capitol Hill this morning, it's back to work for lawmakers, following the holiday recess. Starting today, the senate is back in session, with the upper chamber expected to vote on extending long- ...

02 January 2014

Commissioners Ban Tobacco Use On Umatilla County Properties

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Umatilla County Commissioners have passed a ban on the use of tobacco on all county-owned properties -- indoor and outdoor. Smokers were already prohibited from lighting up within 25 feet of a coun ...

02 January 2014

New law: Oregon teens bypass DMV driving test with driving school

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Politics, Local, Regional

Teens still need to pass a test, but they can do it with a certified instructor and 100 driving hours under their belt. NBC 5's Roma Villavicencio files this report.

15 November 2013

More Red Light Cameras Proposed For Medford

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Additional traffic cameras could soon be going up at Medford intersections aimed at catching red-light runners. The medford police department is working to get the cameras approved by the city counc ...

05 November 2013

Special Election Results - November 5th, 2013

Posted in Politics, Local

Information updated as soon as possible. All reports are unofficial. Curry County (Results [PDF]): Total # of voters: 7,681 of 13,251 = 57.97% Measure 8-73 (Law Enforcement 3 year operating levy) ...

07 October 2013

Supreme Court Back In Session

Posted in Politics

The Supreme Court begins its fall session today, after a three month summer recess. There are more than two dozen cases on the high court's fall docket including the 'Equal Protection Clause', age d ...