Oregon Ballot Measures: Some Get Support Others Slip Away

, Written by Travis Koch, Posted: Tue, November 6 2012 at 10:47 PM, Updated: Thu, November 8 2012 at 11:25 AM

Oregon's marijuana measure 80 failed to pass while two other states with legalization measures are set to pass. Washington and Colorado are set to be the first states in 75 years to legalize marijuana for sale, personal use and hemp production.

Highly publicized measures 82 and 83, that would have allowed private casinos in Oregon and construction of the Wood Village Grange failed to pass.

Unofficial results show Oregonians want to amend the constitution to prohibit real estate transfer taxes.

Measure 77 looks to pass allowing the Governor to allocate monies and declare the state a natural disaster which currently requires legislative action. The measure would change that.


15-115 Medford water/pool facility didn't pass.

$14.5 million dollars in bonds would have paid for demolition, construction or repairs for two of Medford's public swimming pools.



State Ballot Measures: Oregon Live

Measure 79 68% counted
Amends Constitution: Prohibits real estate transfer taxes, fees, other assessments, except those operative on December 31, 2009
  702,792 59%
  486,719 41%
Updated @ 11:05 pm, Nov 6
Measure 80 70% counted
Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale
  552,385 45%
  680,054 55%
Updated @ 11:07 pm, Nov 6
Measure 82 70% counted
Amends Constitution: Authorizes establishment of privately-owned casinos; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund
  346,556 28%
  877,460 72%
Updated @ 11:06 pm, Nov 6
Measure 83 69% counted
Authorizes privately-owned Wood Village casino; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund
  353,614 29%
  857,705 71%
Updated @ 11:06 pm, Nov 6
Measure 84 69% counted
Phases out existing inheritance taxes on large estates, and all taxes on intra-family property transfers
  554,967 46%
  656,478 54%
Updated @ 11:06 pm, Nov 6
Measure 85 69% counted
Amends Constitution: Allocates corporate income/excise tax "kicker" refund to additionally fund K through 12 public education
  706,638 59%
  496,298 41%
Updated @ 11:06 pm, Nov 6
Multnomah County Measure 26-143 59% counted
Form Library District with permanent rate to fund library services
  131,733 62%
  82,155 38%
Updated @ 10:34 pm, Nov 6
Portland School District Measure 26-144 51% counted
Portland Public School District Bonds to Improve Schools
  101,728 65%
  54,835 35%
Updated @ 10:38 pm, Nov 6

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