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01 October 2014

New report claims GMO labeling will cost you less than a penny a day

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A new report claims that GMO labeling will cost consumers less than one penny per day.The report was commissioned by Consumers Union which is the policy arm of Consumer Reports. The research was con ...

30 September 2014

Portland man awarded $562,000 in police brutality lawsuit

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Portland, Ore. --- More than half-a-million dollars, that's how much a Portland jury awarded a man in a police brutality case, now, he's hoping for more changes in the police bureau.Jason Cox is cel ...

24 September 2014

Police: 1 person was killed 1 in critical condition in crash on I-5 in Salem

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Salem, Ore. -- (KGW News) One man was killed and a woman was critically injured in a crash involving as many as seven vehicles on southbound Interstate 5 in Salem on Wednesday morning, state police ...

23 September 2014

Portland cops deliver pizza after crash

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Portland, Ore. --- (NBC News) Two Portland, Oregon police officers completed the job of a pizza delivery driver who was injured in a crash. Steve Huckins told KOIN that he and his wife were concerne ...

22 September 2014

Child, 3, dies after fall from window in SE Portland

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Portland, Ore. --- (KGW News) A 3-year-old died overnight after falling about 4 p.m. Sunday from an upstairs window. He fell from a second-story window at a home in the 2600 block of Southeast 125th ...

15 September 2014

Police respond after Portland arrest goes viral

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Portland, Ore. -- (KGW) The Portland Police Bureau has released a response after two videos of an arrest over the weekend were posted on Facebook. The subject being arrested in the video is 16 years ...

12 September 2014

International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland

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Portland, Ore. --- Seven weeks into their new business venture, a Southern Oregon entrepreneur is hoping to make big connections at a business conference in Portland this weekend. Karen Sprague with ...

05 August 2014

Judge denies Terri Horman name change

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Roseburg, Ore. --- (KGW News) A judge has denied a request from Terri Horman, the stepmother of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman, to officially change her name. Terri Horman wanted her new name to ...

18 July 2014

States sue 5-Hour Energy over ad claims

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Portland, Ore.  --- (KGW News) Two attorneys general from the Northwest have sued the companies responsible for the popular 5-Hour Energy drink, alleging they engaged in deceptive advertising.The O ...

07 July 2014

Portlanders upset after wild cougar euthanized

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Portland, Ore -- (KGW) Residents in a Northeast Portland neighborhood say they were shocked to find out the state chose to euthanize a cougar after it was safely tranquilized outside a home.Many of ...