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21 July 2015

"Bud 'n' Breakfast" makes debut

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Seattle, Wash. -- (KING)  7 Leaf Bed and Breakfast in Seattle, Washington is the first of its kind. Owner and chef Jeremy Cooper cooks up cuisine with cannabis, including infused oils, butters and ...

24 June 2015

Mountain Dew & back rubs for bees?

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Seattle, Wash. --- (KING)  A string of bumble bee deaths in Seattle has one woman taking an unorthodox approach to saving themAlexandrea Pilloud walks the same route in Madison Park a few times a w ...

11 June 2015

Urban Death Project gains support in Seattle

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Seattle, Wash. --- (KGW) A plan to begin human composting in Seattle is now gaining traction in the form of both willing participants and the money needed to make it happen. It's called the Urban De ...

18 May 2015

Volunteers in Seattle hand out free meth pipes

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Seattle, Wash. --- Some see it as controversial and it's illegal under state law, but volunteers behind a needle exchange in Seattle are now giving out meth pipes to drug users for free. We've been ...

13 May 2015

Driver of overturned honeybee semi fined $550

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Seattle, wash. --- (KING) The driver of a semi-truck that overturned on Interstate 5, freeing millions of honeybees and affecting the morning commute, will get a $550 ticket. The Herald reports the ...

04 May 2015

Man gets stuck in basketball hoop

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Seattle, Wash. --- It looked like the scene of a dunk gone horribly wrong. Police say a shirtless man with a hammer somehow climbed up a basketball hoop at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle and got stuc ...

20 April 2015

More fines proposed for slow left lane drivers

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Seattle, Wash. -- (KING) A state senator wants to get slow left lane drivers out of the way by making it more expensive for them to stay there. Sen. Michael Baumgartner, R-Spokane, has introduced a ...

14 April 2015

Alaskan Airlines does emergency landing after crew member heard inside cargo area

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Seattle, Wash. --- Alaska Airline officials say a ramp agent inside the cargo hold led to an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Seattle airport.The pilot of Air Alaska flight 448 bound for ...

14 April 2015

Seattle CEO to pay employees $70,000 minimum wage

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Seattle, Wash. --- (KING) The CEO of a Seattle company is reportedly boosting the minimum wage for every one of his employees to $70,000 per year and taking an enormous pay cut to make it happen. Th ...

31 March 2015

Seattle artist creates rain art

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Seattle, Wash. -- A Seattle artist has created designs that magically appear only when the ground is wet. Peregrine Church created Rainworks last May and uses Always Dry for his art, which is marke ...