Cthulhu: The Musical

Puppeteers for Fears on NBC5 News at Sunrise

Josh Gross, Beth Boulay and Brooke Sharp of Ashland-based theater company Puppeteers for Fears stopped by NBC5 News at Sunrise (with some friends) to talk about their newest production “Cthulhu: The Musical.” More info and event details:

Breast Cancer Awareness: Nancy’s story

Medford, Ore.– “It’s really true, it’s one of the best thing to ever happen in my life,” Nancy Duff says of her breast cancer journey.  “Because it truly brought my Lord closer to me.” Nancy’s faith has been a big part of …

Breast Cancer Awareness: Jeanna’s story

Medford, Ore.–  “You know people talk about soul mates, I know that he came in a time in my life when we were supposed to be together.” Jeanna and Brian Lambert got married three years ago. “It was an amazing day.  We got …

Breast Cancer Awareness: Jill’s story

Central Point, Ore.– “A third distilled water, a third avocado oil and a third witch hazel,” Jill Kennedy shares her recipe for homemade eye makeup remover as she mixes up a fresh batch in her Central Point home kitchen.  It’s a hobby …

Dashcam shows terrifying Wisconsin crash

Hudson, Wisc. (KARE) — A Wisconsin police officer’s dashcam shows a very close call that was completely avoidable. Authorities say a pickup truck plowed into the back of a Hudson Police squad at highway speeds while it was on the side of …

Rogue Valley health care workers heading to Haiti

Medford, Ore. —  A group of southern Oregon doctors and nurses are heading to Haiti next week. It’s a trip that’s been planned for months through the Haiti Health Initiative. The non-profit provides free services to Haitians in rural communities. But the devastation left …

Watch: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial Debate

Watch the 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial Debate with incumbent Kate Brown (D) and challenger Dr. Bud Pierce (R). The debate originall aired live on KOBI-TV NBC5 at 7pm Pacific time on Thursday October 13th, 2016. News Director and Anchor for NBC5, Craig Smullin …
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