22 citations given in police Greenway sweep

Medford, Ore.–Medford Police issue 22 citations to people illegally camping along the Bear Creek Greenway.  That’s where they are investigating the cause of ten suspicious fires in the past few weeks. Sgt. Steve Furst and other Medford Police officers worked over night climbing …

Grants Pass woman turns 102

Grants Pass, Ore. — In 1914, World War I began. The world’s first red and green traffic lights were installed, and a first class stamp cost just two pennies. In 1914 Grants Pass resident Bertha Smith was born in the small town of …
0712 USN Plane

Navy plane falls off carrier during landing

(CNN) — The U.S. Navy has released incredible video of an aviation accident aboard the USS Eisenhower. As a Hawkeye radar aircraft comes in for a landing, the arresting cable used to halt the speeding plane snaps — sending the aircraft careening …
0627 Singapore airplane

Singapore airplane catches fire

Changi, Singapore (CNN) — The wing of a Singapore Airlines passenger jet burst into flames Monday, shocking passengers. Flight SQ368 took off from Changi Airport early Monday morning. 222 passengers and 19-crew members were on board at the time. The flight was …
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