Grants Pass woman turns 102

Grants Pass, Ore. — In 1914, World War I began. The world’s first red and green traffic lights were installed, and a first class stamp cost just two pennies. In 1914 Grants Pass resident Bertha Smith was born in the small town of …
0712 USN Plane

Navy plane falls off carrier during landing

(CNN) — The U.S. Navy has released incredible video of an aviation accident aboard the USS Eisenhower. As a Hawkeye radar aircraft comes in for a landing, the arresting cable used to halt the speeding plane snaps — sending the aircraft careening …
0627 Singapore airplane

Singapore airplane catches fire

Changi, Singapore (CNN) — The wing of a Singapore Airlines passenger jet burst into flames Monday, shocking passengers. Flight SQ368 took off from Changi Airport early Monday morning. 222 passengers and 19-crew members were on board at the time. The flight was …
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