AARP is thrilled to support OregonSaves – a new way to help 1 million Oregonians save for the future.

OregonSaves, run by the state Treasurer’s Office, helps Oregon’s private sector workers save easily at work. This first-in-the-nation auto-enroll program is available to Oregonians who lack access to a retirement savings option at their place of employment.

Here’s how OregonSaves can help:

  • OregonSaves makes saving easy. It is voluntary and workers can opt out at any time. Participating workers automatically make contributions through payroll deductions, and it’s portable, allowing them to take their retirement savings with them from job to job.
  • OregonSaves will help businesses. Workers are more productive when they have more financial security. Employers also can attract and retain workers by facilitating a retirement option.

There’s no need to wait. For many Oregonians, OregonSaves started in October.  Register your business, access your personal account, or simply learn more by visiting today.