Tank of Gas Getaway 2020

Laurel Hill Golf Course

With social distancing in mind, lots of people are turning to the outdoors.  In this week’s Tank of Gas Getaway, NBC5’s Matt Jordan visits a spot that combines Oregon’s natural beauty with the game of golf. https://www.laurelhillgolf.com/

Resort at Eagle Point

At the Eagle Point Golf Course, it’s not just about golfing on a world-famous championship course. After all, this is Southern Oregon were talking about. There’s a whole lot more to do. That’s why they renamed it the Resort at Eagle Point. …

Lavender Fields

Southern Oregon is known for a variety of crops… traditionally pears… and more recently wine…hemp…and marijuana.  But a fairly new trend is sprouting up in the Applegate and Farmers say there’s no better plant to put you at ease. https://www.englishlavenderfarm.com/ https://www.lavenderfieldsforever-oregon.com/

Rocky Point Resort

Spending a weekend on the edge of a protected, National Wildlife Refuge is a unique experience. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll discover stunning landscapes and curious critters you’ve never seen before. https://rockypointoregon.com/  

Indigo Creek

Summer doesn’t officially begin for about another week, but already the outdoor recreation industry is getting ready for a full season. So as we kick off another season of the Tank of Gas Getaway, NBC5 introduces us to some Rogue River guides …