Week 14: Firepit Table

You never know what is going to be brought in.  The key is to be open minded and picture what it could be.  I walked past this fire pit for three days. Each day, thinking, I have the same one at home.  But, this one was missing the interior bowl that you build fires in.   I grabbed a tape measure, and with a little work, it became a matching table to use while sitting by the fire.

Beginner project

Time – 2 hours not including dry time

Supplies –

TSP cleaner
Scrub sponge
Construction adhesive for loose tiles
Tube of grout repair
Spray sealant
24 ¼ x 24 ¼ piece plywood ½ thick, cut to fit
Tape measure
Saw to cut
150 grit sand paper


  1. Clean all areas with tsp and rinse thoroughly
  2. Allow to dry
  3. While it is drying, measure the interior of the space that you want to put a board to make into a table.
  4. Cut board and sand rough edges
  5. Use exterior paint if table will be used outside.  2 coats!
  6. Check all tiles to see if loose and glue if needed with construction adhesive.
  7. After adhesive is dry, use grout to repair areas with cracked, damaged or missing grout.  Clean grout off tiles while wet, easier clean up.
  8. After grout is dry, use spray sealant to seal all tile and grout areas.
  9. Check legs for any areas that need touched up.
  10. Add board to create your table top
  11. Move it into place, grab some chairs and marshmallow sticks.  Enjoy your night!

For more projects, come on down to the Habitat Restore at 2233 South Pacific Hwy.  We have 1000’s of items that need a little creativity.

See you soon!

Deana – Recycle Repurpose Manager – Habitat  (541)779-1983

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