Week 16: Cat hideaway

Cat Hideaway.

This week’s project was all about getting the kids involved.  It was a simple one that with guidance became a fun easy kid adventure.  We turned an old kitchen cabinet into a cat hideaway bed.

Beginner project

Time – 2 hours

Supplies –

Kitchen cabinet 15 wide x 18 to 24 inches tall.  (depends on the size you want to make your cat hideaway)
Scroll saw
Stencil brush
Sand paper

Instructions –

  1. Start with laying your cabinet on the side with the door to the back.  We are not cutting on the door of the cabinet.  This will be to the back of your cat hideaway to make it easier to get the bedding out of later.
  2. On the back of the cabinet is where you will be cutting the openings to make your cat hideaway.
  3. Draw the openings that you are going to cut out.  It might be easier to make a template if you are making 2 openings and then trace around them.
  4. Use scroll saw, dremel saw or jig saw to cut openings.
  5. Sand all rough edges and outside of cabinets.
  6. Dust off completely.
  7. Paint off outside of cabinet.
  8. Allow to dry and then decorate.  I used a stencil to make the paw prints and then outlined them in black.
  9. For the top of the hideaway, I used a different color of paint on a dry brush to add texture with the paint.
  10. The top of the box can be used as an addition pet bed or even a place for the kitties food bowl.

Side note – If you use a slightly bigger cabinet, it can also be a way to hide that yucky litter box.

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See you soon.

Recycle Repurpose Manager
Habitat for Humanity.

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