Week 17: Hutch Shelf

It was a good day to check the dumpster!  I found an oak hutch from an old desk.  How I love finding oak pieces! I thought about cutting it up and using the wood for something else, but it had such potential.  It was missing the back, no shelves, and was dry as a bone.  It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for wood.  Remember to look for the possibility in what it could be.

Beginner project

Time – 2 hours

Supplies –

Sandpaper.150 grit and 220 grit to smooth
Sanding sponge
Dust cloth
Wood glue
Drill bit
Stain and sealant
Shelf pins
½ in plywood or boards to fit for shelves.
1×2 the width of the unit
Stain sponge
Circular saw or table saw for cutting shelves


  1. Start with cleaning any soil off of what your project is.
  2. Sand all areas
  3. Check joints to see if need to be tightened or glued
  4. Dust off with cloth or brush.  Wipe down before staining
  5. I added in a 1×2 along the back of the unit to help stabilize.  Pre drill holes to help not split the wood.
  6. Measure for shelves, leaving an 1/8th inch gap for shelf on sides
  7. Cut shelves.
  8. Stain shelves and set aside
  9. Stain or paint all areas of unit. Allow to dry in a well ventilated area.
  10. When dry, put in shelf clips and insert shelves.  I cut 6 shelves but liked it better with 4.

So easy and such a great new entry shelving unit.  Remember to look for the possibility in what it could be. At the Restore we have Everything you need!

Side note – This would also work great as a book shelf in a kids room. When using in a kids room, please attach to the wall.

See you on the next project.  Check out the Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity website for our Sip and Upcycle event once per month.  You can come and be as creative as you like.  We supply all the materials.

Recycle Repurpose Manager
Habitat for Humanity Restore.

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