Week 20: Window spring decor

What do you do with old wood frame single pane windows? You get as excited as I am to be able to create a shabby chic decoration for spring!

Super easy project!
Beginner project


Modge podge glue
Acrylic paint
Window cleaner
Paper towels
Paint brushes
Cup with water to clean brushes
And as much creativity as you can muster!


  1. Scrape old paint
  2. Clean window
  3. Pour modge podge on plate
  4. Pour in about 1 tsp of each color paint you want to use into the glue in separate spots.
  5. As you are painting, make sure your brush is going into the glue and the paint.
  6. Use stencils or free hand.
  7. If you make a mistake. Wipe it off and start over.

Be as creative as you like and happy spring!
See you in the Habitat workshop!

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