Week 22: TV Stand to dog bed/memo center

This week our upcycle project was taking a shelving unit/tv stand and turning it into a dog bed/memo center.

Beginner project
3 hours

Supplies –
Shelving unit/TV stand
Frame from a broken mirror
Chicken wire
Spray paint
Sand paper
Needle nose pliers
Wire clippers to cut chicken wire to size
Foam pad
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Razor knife to cut foam

Instructions –

  1. Remove shelf from unit if it has one.  The unit I pulled did not have a shelf.  Take out shelf pins.
  2. Sand frame and pull out any nails or screws left behind from broken mirror.
  3. Sand all areas of both items.
  4. Measure interior of box for size of foam.  Do this before painting so you can work on cover while paint is drying.
  5. Spray paint and set aside to dry
  6. Cut foam pad to size.  I did the pad in 3 separate pieces to give side walls to the bed.
  7. Cut fabric to size so that it wraps completely around the foam.
  8. I used a glue gun on this project.  You can also wrap with a pillow case or blanket instead.
  9. When frame is dry, lay face down on a soft cloth as to not scratch what you have painted.
  10. Measure area that you will be putting in chicken wire.  Leave a 1 inch over hang on each side for stapling.
  11. Cut chicken wire to size.  Be careful, the metal ends of the chicken wire that are cut are sharp!
  12. Hold chicken wire in place and staple.  Start at one end and pull tight, alternating sides as you staple.  This will pull any wrinkles out of the wire.
  13. I realized as I was doing the stapling that I did indeed miss a couple of times and had to go back through and touch up.
  14. When I did the touch up, I painted the chicken wire. I realized then that I could have stapled the wire on before painting the frame.
  15. I did not screw the frame to the stand part of this project.  I will probably end up hanging the memo part on the wall.

Fairly easy project.  I think it turned out great!  The perfect thing is, I know I made a few minor changes as I was completing this project, but that’s ok.  I am happy with the final outcome.

Send me your pictures!  We would love to see how your upcycle project turn out.  Check out the “Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStores” page on Facebook for all of your Upcycle needs.

See you in the ReStores!

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