Week 23: Oak Entry Hall Table

Oak Entry Hall Table

Intermediate project
4 hours not including dry time

Wall picture hanging hooks.
Stain and sealant
Stain sponge
Sanding sponge
Wood glue
Measuring tape
½ inch wood board
Table legs


Another great wood bin find!  Table top was unfixable, warped, cracked, peeling.  I was sad to see it go.  But this section of the legs! Beautiful! Out of the wood bin, straight to the workshop.

  1. Sanded smooth all edges. Take great care around all of the decorative emblems.
  2. Measure top of legs and decide width and depth of new table top.
  3. Cut board to fit.  I added 10 inches to the depth and 2 inches to each side.  Making this table top 48 inches wide by 10 inches deep.
  4. Sand all edges of table top to round.  If you have a router, even better.
  5. Lay board face down and place legs on top.  Measure and mark center so sides are even.
  6. Glue and clamp in place.  I measured before gluing, during clamping and after clamping, adjusting for any slipping while clamping.
  7. Allow to dry.  Read glue instructions for dry time.  I allowed glue to cure for 24 hours just in case.
  8. Add additional screws from the underside of the new table top.  Measure screws and leave ¼ in allowance so screws do not come out the top of your new table top.
  9. Flip right side up, check for any glue drips.
  10. Wipe down all areas with a clean dry cloth.
  11. Stain and seal entire table.
  12. Go back over decorative areas with a darker stain if you would like them to show more.
  13. Allow to dry.
  14. Add wall hooks to the back of the table.  This will allow you to hook to the wall to keep from falling over as this entry table only has to legs.
  15. When attaching to wall, measure twice!  You can also use L brackets if you would like to attach permanently.

Have fun with this one!  Colors can be changed to match any décor!

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Deana Petersen
Recycle Repurpose Manager
Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity

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