Week 25: Drawer & stool to puzzle/game table

Drawer and stool into Puzzle/Game table

Beginner project
Time 2 hours


Large drawer- This one was 30x36x4 inches deep
Sand paper
Jig saw
Paint brush
Stool or small table
2 hinges
Foam pad
Material to cover
Staple gun
Screw driver or drill to remove drawer runners


  1. Gather materials needed.
  2. This small table was missing the top.  I measured the size of board I would need to replace and create a cushion.
  3. Cut board to fit.
  4. Cut foam pad to fit board
  5. Cut material to fit foam and board with a 2 inch overlap
  6. Lay material face down on flat surface, lay foam on material, place board on top.
  7. Wrap material to lay over board edges and staple in place.  Alternate sides while stapling to pull material tight.
  8. Sand table/stool base. Dust off all loose dust.
  9. Paint base and allow to dry.
  10. Fill holes on drawer. Allow to dry and sand.
  11. Paint underside of drawer. Allow to dry.
  12. Install seat pad by using screws from the underside.
  13. Measure bottom of drawer and top of table.  Lay drawer face down and table top in center, face down onto drawer.
  14. Place hinges on bottom of drawer and side of table.  Mark holes to predrill.
  15. Install hinges on both items. This will allow the drawer to fold upright against a wall to allow the table/stool to be used as a seat when not in use.

This was a fun item to make! I found the perfect Wizard of Oz puzzle to for the first use. This would make a great sand play area or even for Legos!  So many options. And perfect kid size!

Have fun! We will see you in the ReStore workshop.  If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them.  Find us on Facebook at “Rogue Valley Habitat ReStores”

Recycle Repurpose Manager
Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity

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