Week 28: Lampshade to garden angel

Garden Angels and glass flowers

Another creative day in the workshop.  With a few glass light fixture globes, wire, glue and a solar garden light, I was able to put together a garden angel decoration.  Great project for any age.  The only help that would be needed is bending and twisting the wire.

Time – 1.5 hours
Beginner project

Glass light fixture globes, various sizes and shapes
16 gauge galvanizes wire
Color floral wire from $1 store
Solar garden light
E6000 glue
Needle nose pliers
Acrylic craft paint
Rubbing alcohol
Paint brush

Instructions –


  1. Clean all glass globes that are being used
  2. Poor small amount of paint onto plate
  3. Pour small amount of alcohol into a small dish
  4. Dip paint brush into alcohol and then into paint to pick up small amount of paint
  5. Lightly paint inside of glass globes.  You want paint to have streaks that light shines through. Do not paint all the way down into the glass.  Leave about ¾ inch unpainted so glue will adhear.
  6. Set aside all painted items to dry.
  7. Cut a section of wire about 2 feet long.
  8. Bend wire into angel or butterfly wings.
  9. Cut small amounts of colored wire.  Bend into shapes to attach to wings by bending ends and crimping onto wings with pliers.
  10. When paint is try, stack glass to make a flower or angel.  Do not glue until you are sure of your design.
  11. Add glue to edges where each glass globe meets.
  12. Use wire to wrap around the glass and twist in place.
  13. Add wings and twist wire to hold.
  14. Remove base from solar light and place solar light into the center of the flower or onto the top of the angel.
  15. Glue in place.  (test to make sure the light works before gluing)
  16. Place tape across the top to hold all pieces in place until the glue dries.  Can take up to 24 hours depending on the glue.

    If creating the flower, use a metal plant prop or a Shepard’s hook to hold up off the ground.  The plant props have a round opening at the top that with a little bending, fit perfect around the base of your flower.

    These are so pretty in the garden!  Send us your pictures of yours when you’re done.  Happy Upcycling!

    Thank you,

    Deana Petersen
    Recycle Repurpose Manager
    Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity
    Medford, Oregon
    (541)779-1983 ext 101
    [email protected]

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