Week 6: Old chair into earring holder

For this week’s upcycle challenge, an old chair has been turned into a wall mounted earring holder.

Start with an old chair with a wicker back that is missing it’s seat:

  1. Look to see if there are any screws or metal plates before cutting with saw.
  2. Use a jig saw to cut along the bottom of the seat back, getting as close to the edge as possible without cutting into the framework of the back.
  3. After cutting the back of the chair from the base, set the base aside as it will be used for the next DIY project.
  4. Use 80 grit sand paper to sand the saw cuts on the seat back.
  5. Switch to 200 grit sand paper to smooth edges.
  6. If your chair was previously painted like this was, lightly sand the chair back all over to help the new paint adhere. Dust all with a soft brush or cloth.
  7. For this project 3 different colors of paint were used.  Use a rough bristle paintbrush to lightly paint a coat of green chalk paint over the black.  Let dry completely.
  8. Use white to paint 2 coats on the front and the back of the wicker backing.  Let dry.  Do not worry if some of your white paint gets onto the chalk paint.
  9. The next step is to use a cream or off white paint to lightly dry brush over the chalk paint.  This will help to blend all colors together for the next step.
  10. After the cream paint is dry, use your 200 grit sandpaper and lightly sand edges and grooves on the frame.  The more you sand, and the harder you sand, the more paint will come off and your original wood will show through giving this a textures finish.
  11. After dry, add picture hanging hardware to the back and you are done! Here is your chance to go shopping for new earrings to fill up your new hanger!!


Old chair with wicker back
Jig saw
80 grit and 200 grit sand paper
Chalk paint – 3 colors
Paint brush
Soft brush
Picture hanging hardware


Have fun with this! I am definitely making another one but in Hawaiian ocean blue next time!  Send me your projects, I would love to see how they turn out.

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