Week 7: Hidden book box

For this week’s upcycle challenge, an old drawer and books have been turned into a hidden book box.

  • Start with an empty dresser drawer from a broken dresser.
  • Remove the knob and rough sand the stained area to help glue stick.
  • Measure the side that you will be gluing book ends to.
  • Pick hardback books to use to fit the measurement of the box.  Try and use books as close in height as possible.  I find that the hardback books with more of a linen look have a nicer look on the finished product.
  • Very carefully use a hobby knife with a sharp blade to remove the cover from the book.   Cut the sides of the book covers off.   You will be using the part of the cover with the wording for your box front.  (Save your book insides for our next project- Fall pumpkins found here)
  • Keep one of your book covers with the front still attached and one of the covers with the back still attached for the ends of your box.
  • Start with drawer or box on level surface.
  • Lay out book covers ahead of time in the order you would like your colors to be glued on your box.
  • Hot glue works great for this project as it has a quick dry time.
  • Start at the end of your box by laying the first book in place.  The flap of your book should wrap around the end of the box.  Use hot glue to glue in place.
  • Continue gluing rest of books in place by setting as close to the others as possible.  Making sure there are no gaps between the books.
  • When you get to the end of the box, glue the cover of the book to the front of the box, wrapping around flap of book to cover ends and glue in place.
  • For extra stability of book covers, use hot glue to glue books together from inside.

Place on high shelf and enjoy your secret hiding place.

Happy Upcycling!

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