Tank of Gas Getaway: Ocean World

Crescent City, Calif. – Snuggled up against Crescent City Harbor is the Ocean World Aquarium.

It’s been around since 1964. You might have been here as a kid. Now, it may be time to take your kids.

They’ll see hundreds of sea-faring species, many of them homegrown.

The uniqueness of ocean world is that you get to go down and view to see what animals live right off our shores, here.

Mary Wilson is the proprietor of ocean world. She said, “The uniqueness of Ocean World is that you get to go down and view the sea, what animals live right off our shores here. Most People I would say, probably enjoy the seals and sea lions the most, just amazing animals. You’ll see seals and sea lions underwater, possibly coming up and blowing bubbles at you”

The tours are cool. Great for families or even field trips.

“We’ll take you down through to see our touch and feel tide pool.

We have sharks, wolf eels, bat rays,” Wilson said. “We don’t have sharks in the tide pool.”

They keep the sharks separate.

“The shark petting area, is really fun,” Wilson added. “And we have some small sharks in there. You can rub them on the belly and get a little bit of a thrill.”

IF you’re coming over to beat the summer heat of the Rogue Valley, Wilson has some advice: “you do want to bring a jacket. We’re about 30 degrees cooler.”

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