2 California dads face criminal charges after sons make school threats

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The fathers of two boys who allegedly made threats against a school are facing jail time for failing to secure their guns.

NBC Los Angeles reports on February 5, the 16-year-old son of 59-year-old Robert Christy made threats to fellow students at Chatsworth Charter High School. He indicated he would carry out a shooting and mentioned his parents’ guns on previous occasions.

Police went to Christy’s home after the threats were reported. That’s where prosecutors said officers found an unsecured rifle in a closet. Two revolvers and one semi-automatic handgun were found in an unsecured behind a dresser along with 90 rounds of ammunition.

Christy was charged with three misdemeanor counts of unlawful storage of a firearm. He faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

In a separate instance, the son of 50-year-old Dazo Esguerra allegedly made threats involving a gun to another student at Granada Hills Charter High School. Officers found a loaded semi-automatic handgun unsecured in Esguerra’s closet along with numerous rounds of ammunition.

Esguerra was charged with criminal storage of a firearm and unlawful storage of a firearm.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said, “It’s imperative that adults lock up their guns. For goodness’ sake, lock up your guns. It’s the law. There’s no excuse not to and it could make the difference between life and death in the community in which you live. Store your guns safely.

Feuer couldn’t comment on the case against the boys. NBC Los Angeles said their case is being handled by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, who did not respond to comment.

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