Fires reported in the Applegate and near Shady Cove

Update 8:25 a.m.: Level BE READY alert for JAC-164 area has been cancelled by the Jackson County Sherrif’s Office.

5:30 a.m. Friday Update:

11 p.m. Thursday Update:

Know Your Zone Jackson County website link here

APPLEGATE VALLEY, Ore. – At 9:40 PM- According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, the fire is ongoing in Shady Cove, along Highway 62, which has grown from an estimated 20 acres to 75 acres. The forward progress of that fire has been stopped.

The other fire in the Applegate Valley, located on the 3900 block of Upper Applegate Road, is also ongoing. The Applegate fire was initially estimated to be between 15 and 20 acres but has since grown to an estimate of 120 acres.

One man with his children was on his way from Portland to visit his father, who lives near Upper Applegate Road, when he was turned away.

“We got within five minutes from their house, and they turned us around. They just said they’re getting ready to evacuate and we can’t let you down here,” Portland area resident Randy said. “I’ve called him multiple times, the landline, the cell phone, I’ve text[ed] him, so no response yet.”

ODF says numerous resources are on scene at both fires and engaged in an aggressive attack, including two type-2 helicopters, a type-1 helicopter, an air attack plane and a large air tanker. Resources have been ordered for a night shift at Shady Cove and an overnight shift for Applegate. At this time, LEVEL 1 evacuation order (Be Ready) are in place for zones JAC-434 and JAC-436 in Jacksonville and JAC-164 in Shady Cove.

Here’s our 5pm Update:

At 5:06PM – LEVEL 1 evacuation order (Be Ready) for zone JAC-434 (Eastside Rd south of Little Applegate Rd to North of McKee Bridge) and zone JAC-164 (In the area of Hwy 62 and Hammel Rd. South of Shady Cove) via the Jackson County Sheriff Oregon

Original Post- There are multiple reported fires in Jackson County in the Upper Applegate. Currently estimated at 15 to 20 acres. Also, a second fire currently estimated at 20 acres, is located along Highway 62, south of Shady Cove.

ODF reports on Facebook: “Multiple aircraft have been ordered for both of these incidents, including two Type 2 helicopters, a Type 1 helicopter, an air attack plane and a Large Air Tanker. All resources on scene are engaged in an aggressive initial attack on both incidents. They remain an estimated 15-20 acres each.”

These are views just before 5pm from our Rogue Valley Manor SkyCam looking southwest:

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