316th Cascadia Earthquake anniversary


Medford, Ore.– 316 years ago today, what’s known as a “mega-thrust earthquake” rocked Oregon and Washington.  Experts believe the estimated 8.7 magnitude quake sent a massive tsunami to Japanese shores.

While the Cascadia Subduction Zone has not seen another earthquake of this magnitude since, local experts say we are currently in the window for another devastating tremor.

“There is a 37% chance of an earthquake in the next fifty years and that is significant and well worth our attention,” explains Eric Dittmer, Emeritus Professor at Southern Oregon University.

While another quake would cause major destruction to the region, Dittmer says it is highly survivable.

He encourages households to construct a safety plan to include basic first aid skills, bulk up on food and water resources and designate a place to meet loved ones after a disaster.


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