500 Oregon National Guard members will be deployed to help with the Omicron surge

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor Kate Brown is deploying National Guard members to help deal with the Omicron surge.

Next week, 125 Guard members will head to hospitals around the state to provide logistical support as material handlers and equipment runners. The initial deployment will be followed by an additional 375 members.

“With more than 500 current hospitalizations and daily record-breaking numbers of COVID-19 cases, we are at another critical point in this pandemic—and the Oregon National Guard is stepping up again to assist,” said Governor Kate Brown. “I would like to thank the employers of our Guard members—we cannot call upon these hardworking Guard members without your sacrifice and support as well. While Guard members work to support our frontline health care workers, I am asking all Oregonians to continue to do your part to help. Get vaccinated, get boosted, wear your masks, and stay home when you are sick.”

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