8.7 million stimulus checks remain unclaimed

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – Millions of Americans could miss out on U.S. government stimulus money due to incomplete records.

According to the Government Accounting Office, more than 8.7 million Americans have yet to receive the payments due to inadequate records held by the internal revenue service and the Treasury Department.

The report says the Treasury Department found in April that no data exists for about 14 million people who are eligible for stimulus payments but don’t normally file tax returns or receive federal benefits. 5.3 million in that group used an IRS online tool to apply for the $1,200 stimulus relief payment.

The GAO says those eligible recipients are likely to be “very low-income” and most in need of the federal stimulus funds.

The information, which was released on Monday, is part of a 317 page report. It also comes as a second stimulus package is being debated in Congress.

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